Boost productivity through efficient meetings.

Invite participants

Set meeting objectives and discussion items

Focus meetings

Schedule time and agenda topics

Lead productive meetings

Make decisions and define action plans

Improve as a manager

Get helpful feedback from the app, from participants and track the performance of meetings

have fun

Get medals and compete
with other users


Access advice and tips from the Brilliant Meeting Community


App and course, bundled to manage efficient meetings

Organize meetings

Establish an agenda, define objectives and assign time limits, set tasks and responsibilities, send meeting invitations and integrate them in calendars. Automate the entire process, including preparation.

Measure results and improvement

Reduce the time and the cost of meetings. Engage through rankings, progress bars, statistics and levels. Win prizes if meetings run as scheduled, collect trophies and become a meeting management guru.

File meeting data, including minutes, in a unique and safe place

All the information is hosted on servers with a Amazon Webservices guarantee. Safe Protocol HTTPS with keyword certificate SHA-2 of 2048 bits by Starfield Technologies.


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